DuPage County Opioid Awareness Geographic Information System (GIS) Maps

View the DuPage County Opioid GIS application to learn about the impact of the opioid epidemic on DuPage County, and to view locational information for assistance and treatment services. Maps using data from the DuPage Narcan Program highlight Narcan incidents from the program, overdose reversals by year, and participating program sites.

DuPage Narcan Program Digital Map Series

DuPage Narcan Program

The DuPage Narcan Program has been collecting data about opioid overdose and reversal data since its inception in 2014. View previous annual reports.

Opioid Reversal Statistics from January 1, 2020, through December 31, 2020:

2020 Reversal Demographics

DNP Saves Graph Sept 2021

Impact DuPage Data

Impact DuPage is a community group that evaluates the health of DuPage County through assessments and regular data collection. Click on the below community indicators about hospitalizations due to substance use, overdose reversals, and opioid disposal to view detailed data and trends.

Opioid Dashboard

The Illinois Department of Public Health’s (IDPH) opioid dashboard can be used to find data on overdose rates, opioid prescribing, deaths from opioids, and Narcan distribution locations. To find detailed local opioid overdose data trends, select DuPage County on IDPH website.Total RXs and Average Days Supply

Narcan Uses & Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Narcan Uses

The below graph illustrates all recorded uses of Narcan by the DuPage Narcan Program (DNP) and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel in DuPage County by quarter from 2016 to 2019.

Note: In rare cases of Narcan being administered by a DNP member in addition to a dose administered by EMS personnel, the case is considered as one event for each.

2016 to 2019 Dupage Narcan Program and Emergency Medical Services Uses