What to Do if You Are Prescribed Opioids

According to the National Safety Council, individuals who are takingPrescription painkiller drug safety at home opioids should:

Take as Directed

If you take an opioid prescription painkiller, over time you will feel less of the effect and need more of the medication. Do not use more without talking to your doctor. The safest use of these medications is generally at the lowest possible dose for the shortest duration. Never mix opioid medications with alcohol, sleep aids, anti-anxiety drugs or other pain relievers.

Store Securely

Since opioids are highly abused and can be taken from unsecure locations, learn how to safely store these medications.

Don’t Share Your Medications

Never share any medication your doctor has prescribed with family members, co-workers or anyone else. You may be endangering someone’s life or enabling someone’s dependency or addiction.

Don’t Hang On to Old Prescriptions

Always safely dispose of medications once you have stopped taking them. View a list of locations in and around DuPage County where you can safely drop off your unused medications for safe disposal.